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The natural way?

Imagine yourself strolling or picnicking in a wooded glade or meandering through a wild meadow. Can you also imagine that the gloriously flourishing natural space you are enjoying has come about because people have chosen a natural burial site for their last resting place?

A natural burial site is a place where bodies are buried in bio-degradable coffins or shrouds, or ashes scattered or interred, and the site marked by the planting of a tree, or other natural memorial.

Welcome to this not for profit information site which seeks to: encourage the creation of natural burial sites in Scotland; disseminate information about the green burial movement including people and planet-friendly resources and promote ecologically-friendly, affordable, personalised funerals.

The web-based information source was preceded by a membership organisation of the same name which closed on 30th September 2007.  The members of Natural Way Burial decided that the organisation should continue to freely provide information via this website.